One of the most significant artists of the contemporary Greek music scene, Michalis is a natural born singer, songwriter and composer. Known as a Cypriot icon with over 30 awards in Greece alone, this makes him one of the most successful artists of the decade. Michalis's love of music was ignited at the tender age of 9, when his father gave him his first guitar on his birthday.  
With the release of his first album in 1995, it wasn’t long before it hit platinum and Michalis Hatzigiannis quickly became a household theme.  His hits include “Angigma Psychis", “Κrifo Fili”, “Ola i Tipota”, “Den Fevgo”, “Xeria Psila”, “To Kalokairi”, “Pio Poli”, “An mou Tilefonouses”, “O Bythos”, “To Parti”, “Se Poino Na Po”, “Mesa sou Briskome”, Tha Xatho Prin Figo”, "Eisai Edo", "Horis Anapnoi", “I Agapi Dinamoni",  "Kati Dinato” and "Poios Ime Ego".